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CoBiz Financial is now part of BOK Financial

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More opportunities to turn dreams into reality.

We recently joined forces with BOK Financial and are excited to let you know about the opportunities that brings. We feel very fortunate to have found an organization that loves what we do and wants to keep doing it but on a larger scale. Our goal has always been to serve the complete financial needs of successful businesses, business owners and individuals by providing solutions and services tailored to each customer's needs. In BOK Financial, we have found a partner that shares this same philosophy.

What does this mean for you? We believe the combination of CoBiz and BOK Financial will create the premier regional bank in Colorado and Arizona. We will continue to have local decision making along with increased capabilities and services, as well as an expanded banking center and ATM network – all backed by the strength of BOK Financial. Simply put: you'll have access to more resources – and more opportunities to turn dreams into realities.

While our legal merger occurred on October 1, 2018, the CoBiz family of brands and BOK Financial will not become one unified team for a few more months as we work to ensure an easy, seamless integration. In the interim, it will be business as usual.

We encourage you to read the following Questions and Answers for more information on FDIC coverage for your deposits, as well as what you can expect between now and when we become a bigger family. As that time approaches, we will be in contact again to explain all of the details. In the meantime, if you have any questions, we encourage you to call or visit your relationship manager or banker directly.

Most importantly, we believe the combination of our people and our expanded services and capabilities will allow us to achieve more together for our clients and the communities we serve. We look forward to serving you.

Steve Bangert

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

CoBiz Financial

Steve Bradshaw

CEO and President

BOK Financial




Why is CoBiz Financial (and their family of brands) joining forces with BOK Financial? Why is this new relationship good for me, as a client? CoBiz Financial and BOK Financial share the same goal: to serve the complete financial needs of successful businesses, business owners and individuals by providing solutions and services tailored to your needs. Our bankers and clients also share the same belief in the power of our community. We all work, live and play in the same community and share a passion for supporting local businesses and people. We believe we can expand this philosophy while providing our clients with a wider breadth of services and greater community support.

Our priority remains with you, our client, and you'll continue to enjoy what we believe sets us apart:

  • Exceptional Service – Outstanding personal service from the same relationship managers and bankers who believe in getting to know you, serving your business and doing the right thing.
  • Local Decision Making and Expanded Capabilities – We'll continue to provide creative solutions and local decision making with expanded lending capabilities.
  • Community – We remain firmly committed to and focused on supporting the communities, individuals and businesses we serve.
  • Convenience – You'll enjoy access to additional banking center locations and an expanded ATM network. 

    Q: What will be the new name of the combined organizations?

    A: BOK Financial will be the name of the combined organizations following completion of integration activities in early 2019.

    Q: What will the individual brand names become in each market?

    A: We will operate as BOK Financial in both the Arizona and Colorado markets. Below is a snapshot of how we will be branded going forward.


    Q: Can I still use my debit card and write checks from my current accounts? Will my account number change?

    A: It's business as usual. We are evaluating the best way to integrate systems and will communicate any changes that impact your banking transactions. For now, you can continue to use your debit card and write checks from your current accounts. You also continue to have access to over 32,000 MoneyPass ATMs.

    Q: Does this mean I can make a deposit or other transaction at a Bank of Arizona or Colorado State Bank and Trust location now?

    A: Not quite yet. Because we will not integrate our systems until early next year, you should continue banking as usual at your existing locations.


    Q: What about FDIC coverage of my deposits?

    A: There will be no immediate change to the FDIC coverage for your deposits. If you have accounts at any current CoBiz Financial bank (Arizona Business Bank, Colorado Business Bank or CoBiz Private Bank) and a BOK Financial bank (Bank of Arizona, Colorado State Bank and Trust), deposits will continue to be insured separately per deposit ownership category for six months after our official integration date. 

    If you have a Certificates of Deposit (CDs) at both banks, separate coverage per deposit ownership category will continue at each bank until the next maturity date of the CDs after the six-month period following the integration, as long as the term and balance of the CDs do not change. If you open a new account at any CoBiz Financial bank (Arizona Business Bank, Colorado Business Bank or CoBiz Private Bank) or BOK Financial bank (Bank of Arizona or Colorado State Bank and Trust) after our integration date, and you already have an account at either bank, your deposits will be insured up to $250,000 per deposit ownership category in accordance with FDIC practice. 

    If your deposit requirements exceed $250,000 per deposit ownership category, a relationship banker is available to discuss safe and convenient ways to manage your accounts. We will provide additional information around the time of conversion. 


    Our commitment to the community will continue to build on what CoBiz Financial and BOK Financial have already established. We are committed to growing relationships and our presence in Arizona and Colorado through our unique style of serving the community. Our community commitment runs deep at both the local and parent level. Here are some highlights of BOK Financial's commitment in Arizona, Colorado and overall:

  • Community Commitment to Arizona Organizations: Over $227,000 in community contributions to more than 60 Arizona organizations in 2017.
  • Nonprofit Leadership: Over 35 nonprofit leadership positions filled by Bank of Arizona employees.
  • Outstanding Women Leaders Program: Recognizing Arizona's community leaders through education, engagement and networking events.

  • Community Commitment to Colorado Organizations: Over $350,000 in community contributions to more than 50 Colorado organizations in 2017.
  • Improving Financial Literacy: Colorado State Bank and Trust employees volunteered over 235 hours to aid financial literacy efforts with Junior Achievement through the "Learn For Life" program. 

    All Regions
  • BOK Financial continues to give back to the many communities it serves, including:
  • $5.1 Million: The financial investment BOK Financial and the BOKF Foundation made in communities throughout our markets in 2017.
  • 690+: The number of nonprofits and organizations impacted directly through BOK Financial's support.
  • 711: Nonprofit leadership positions filled by 403 employees who served on nonprofit boards and committees.
  • 5,263: Children taught by the "Learn for Life" financial literacy program.
  • $2.2 Million: Employee contributions to the United Way.
  • $940,000: Corporate contributions to the United Way.


    BOK Financial is a top-25, U.S.-based financial services company with $34 billion in assets and $82 billion in assets under management, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. BOK Financial provides nationally competitive products and personalized service combined with experienced bankers who work to truly understand their customer's personal and business financial needs.

    Through its banking subsidiary, BOKF, NA, banking services are provided in states throughout the southwest. Current operations include Bank of Arizona in the Phoenix metro area and Colorado State Bank and Trust in the Denver metro area. The organization also operates regional banking locations under the following brands: Bank of Albuquerque, Bank of Arkansas, Bank of Oklahoma, Bank of Texas, and Mobank (in the Kansas City metro area). 

    BOK Financial Corporation is publicly traded and listed on the NASDAQ as BOKF. You can find out more about our parent company by visiting the investor relations website at

     Please feel free to call us if you have more questions:

    CoBiz Client Services 800.574.4714.